We Visit Brussels ?

Is this the Belgian parliament?

Their publicity would have it as copied from the Brussels parliament

The hotel we stayed at said it was modeled after the Belgian Parliament buildings in Brussels and you certainly can see the resemblance. But For a building only 5 years old I would say it hasn’t worn well. The top floor has more boarded up rooms than those being used while the forth floor has a number damaged as well. It looks as though there was a rigorous SWAT team invasion last year but, of course, no one at the hotel remembers anything. The rooms are being renovated was the answer I could get to my enquiries.
inside of hotel showing lots of plants.

Inside it’s a jungle

Inside on the one half of the ground floor there is a jungle of plants which all help to combat the pollution in the outside air and are quite attractive as well.

front desk of Tehall Hotel showing large oil painting

The front desk of the 21 century Tehall hotel

The front desk of the hotel continues the theme with a enormous oil painting over the desk of, I assume, a famous Belgian painting.

Stepping outside however the illusion is soon shattered by the glaring neon Chinese character signs plastered everywhere. The fountain is a nice touch and will look great in the summer if (or perhaps when, it is flowing.

shot of fountain and front of Tehall Hotel showing neon Chinese character signs

Standing back from the entrance dispels any thoughts of Belgium

A later addition …
The fountain was turned on for an hour for a wedding while we were there. I guess you pay for the amount of time you want it running for wedding pictures. The hotel was the 21st Century Tehall Hotel in Tianjin China about 130 Km from Beijing on the Bohai Sea opposite North Korea. Tianjin is Beijing’s major port.

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