Destruction at Noonday

I have been stunned by the builders next door. After receiving assurances that 5 trees were to be protected on the lot next door we were awakened by tree fellers starting to chop down ALL the trees on the lot at 850 Snowdrop Avenue, Saanich BC. It turns out that the owner appealed the first rumbling and Saanich reversed themselves allowing the trees to be replaced with 2 years by minimal deciduous trees.

Two of the trees were Douglas fir and one was at least 2 feet in Diameter. 2 inch diameter trees are NOT a replacement.

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

In September of 2017 Debbie and I went with our Daughter to Eastern Canada. It seems strange, I know, that we have traveled so extensively but never been East of Quebec City but we intend to correct that now.
I decided that the current atmosphere in the United States was not to my liking so I looked around for an interesting place to visit and decided that since we were going to Toronto anyway for Aunt Esther’s 95th Birthday Party we might as well go more to the east as well.
there are no pages up yet but they will be along soon. I am in the process of revamping my wordpress site.

Adventures in China

Dave Allen and Debbie Gillespie have moved back from China and are living once again in Victoria British Columbia.

We will be traveling in Eastern Canada and I will be posting information here about P.E.I. and New Brunswick soon.

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